Confucius said that a good ending should always be accompanied by a good beginning. I could not agree more.

In the past 15 years, I have enjoyed Link Inc very much. And I truly believe that the start of the agency saw the launch of a different view on communication: convincing governments and organisations to apply the principles of marketing to their communication and positioning. I enjoyed working with each and every one of the people who were there to reinforce us. One of the things I used to tell them was: “use Link as a “tool” for yourself, bring on your ideas, go for your ambition. The agency is just the vehicle…”

The joy of playing and growing….

My grandmother told me that one should always implement the advice one gives to others…. The world is changing rapidly. The digital revolution is there – and it evolves faster than one could ever think. Access to information is unlimited. And it renders people more critical – rightfully so. The classical definition of “peers” is hence way behind us: new groups of peers are formed. The words one uses – or doesn’t use – keep gaining importance. Every organisation, every policy maker, every entity will have to explain and convince the outside world why their cause or solution is the good one, why their issue is of importance to groups, to people, to mankind. They will have to be skilled in constructing, presenting, understanding their own messages. In collaborating with peers, stakeholders, friends and adversaries. And they will need to take responsibility for their communicational behaviour.

My new agency, Semiotics, is there to assist, to advise and to guide people and organisations in bringing out their messages in a changing world, in “building” identities in an evolving environment.

We at Semiotics, we have a “lab”. We gather once a week. Sometimes we invite friends – depending on what is on the menu. The rest of the week we use “clouds” and “virtual communities” while we are on the road, travelling or working at our home offices. Because I firmly believe that this way of “practical working” is the future (too).

Confucius also said: “Wherever you go, go with all your heart”. This is exactly what I and we at Semiotics will be doing. If you want to meet up with us, let us know! We’re looking forward to the fun!