Semiotics proudly present a brand new concept: Science Inspired Tales

Staging fascinating scientific experts! 

Is it science? Is it performance art? Is it inspirational?

It’s all of that. The Science Inspired Tales are a brand new concept to experience science.

The first series of Science Inspired Tales will stage Profs Ab Osterhaus, Peter Openshaw and Derek Smith, three renowned scientists with a very different professional background, bringing you their personal, fascinating, fun and all the more inspiring scientific story. Are we winning battles but losing the war against viruses? Can we really wipe out some deadly diseases? Why are elephants afraid of mice? What’s the true spirit of Hippocrates’ Oath? What is in the air when YOU are in the air? Find out for yourself at the first Science Inspired Tales on 23 May 2012 in Brussels, Albert Hall complex.

You are very welcome to attend the Science Inspired Tales. REGISTER FREE OF CHARGE!  We would love to have you there!

The S!Ts will be recorded before a live audience and broadcast on An excellent moment to introduce our “Audiovisual Mind”, Niko Himschoot. By now you should know that we @ Semiotics are committed to detect and foster new, promising talent.

We organise the first S!T on request of the European Scientific Working group on Influenza.

But mind you: we have registered the concept, check out the !! We have always admired the “Hit N Run Tours” of Prince 🙂