Semiotics has developed MUGAS meetings with the aim to enhance public health security by addressing unsolved scientific issues that hamper public health guidance. More specifically, the MUGAS concept has been designed to bring benefit to society, in an open and transparent environment that allows in-depth discussion based on the latest scientific data. To that end, MUGAS initiating partner(s) explicitly call upon all parties involved to share their views and have their voices heard. MUGAS meetings can be initiated by any scientist or research institute who aim to improve public health in Europe.

The first MUGAS meeting was organised by Professor Ab Osterhaus (Erasmus MC Rotterdam), Professor Arnold Monto (University of Michigan/School of Public Health), Professor Menno de Jong (Academic Medical Center Amsterdam) and Professor Rich Whitley (University of Alabama at Birmingham) on “the review and statistical analysis of oseltamivir data” in Brussels, 18 June 2013. The process is still ongoing.

fig 11