Chris Vanlangendonck
Studied Marketing / studied Applied Communication Science/started off @ Master Foods selling dog and cat food / switched to Amnesty International: fighting for human rights as a fundraiser and communicator / founded Link Inc in 1997: agency with focus on social marketing /  founded Semiotics in 2011 / main reason: changes in society and a strong need to work for scientists to get their messages – work across / good in strategy and positioning people or organizations / good in coaching / writes stories for children as well.
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chris@semiotics.be Mobile: +32 475 81 38 59

Annick Mannaerts
Programme director
annick@semiotics.be Mobile: +32 476 25 83 72

Dagmar de Graef
Translator (English/Spanish/Dutch) by training / has gained ample experience in organising international academic events, courses and journeys / has contributed to a sustainable world (for over 10 years) as Business & Society Belgium’s office manager / is an expert in challenging complexity with structure and order / is Semiotics’ organizational and administrative backbone… and more.
dagmar@semiotics.be Mobile: +32 497 17 36 14

Elina Martin
Studied Business Administration and  Strategic Tourism Management at the Vidzeme University of Applied sciences in Latvia / has more than 10 years of experience in organizing international conferences and scientific events / is Semiotics’ congress specialist par excellence.
elina@semiotics.be Mobile: +32 470 01 94 01

Tom Adriaensen
Studied product design in his early days / was always attracted to graphic design / has been searching for graphical solutions with an open mind and a free spirit since 1993 (middle ages).
tom@zeppo.be Mobile: +32 474 48 88 25

Koen Broos
From the start of his photographic career he has focussed on author portraits and theater photography. He collaborated with several cultural institutions and companies. Broos always creates his own visual and creative language within the boundaries of commissioned work.
mail@koenbroos.be Mobile +32 477 28 11 30

Tom Maebe – Studio Plum
Tom has a no-nonsense approach, simple and straightforward. No fancy suit, luxury car or office to impress here. He would rather impress us with his work and superior service.
tom@studioplum.be Mobile: +32 498 05 07 40

Pieter Nys – De Fixer
Theater, sound, lighting and video technician
pieter@defixer.be Mobile: +32 477 44 40 95

June Verelst
Studied audiovisual techniques at RITS in Brussels / video director and video editor / bridging audiovisual techniques and stories / a lover of storytelling.
june@avrent.be Mobile: +32 494 38 04 16

Is our ICT consultant / These Mac wizards help us improve our business in the same way as Mac technologies have revolutionised our daily lives.

Handles our accountancy and the accountancy of the international organisations we manage www.ddv.be